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Capacitive Accelerometers

Dynalabs MEMS based capacitive accelerometers are  analog voltage output sensors. Thanks to their technology, capacitive accelerometers have accurate measurement of static (DC) (+6V to +40V).

There are 3 types of Dynalabs Capacitive accelerometers: LN, DE, SE. There are uniaxial and triaxial versions for all of them.

LN series are Low Noise – high resolution sensors.  DE series are differential ended sensors. The integrated electronic circuitry enables a differential-ended analog voltage output. SE series are Single Ended sensors. The integrated electronic circuitry enables a single-ended analog voltage output. SE accelerometers are low cost and reliable sensors.



Gyroscopes also known as angular rate sensors or angular velocity. Dynalabs analogue gyroscopes show the change in rotational angle per unit of time. The units of angular velocity are measured in degrees per second (°/s).

Dynalabs gyroscopes are designed by micro-mechanical silicon structures. Thus, gyroscopes are insensitive to external impacts and vibrations. For harsh environmental conditions Dynalabs gyroscopes are preferred.

They are manufactured in a uniaxial (6000 Series) and a triaxial version (7000 Series) . 6000 Series uniaxial and 7000 Series triaxial gyroscopes feature a lightweight, reliable aluminum housing and they have an integrated cable with configurable length and connectors.


Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)

Dynalabs Inertial Measurement Units are based on triaxial accelerometers and triaxial gyroscopes that are integrated in a single housing. Any combination of gyroscopes and accelerometers is possible.

Measurement Range Accelerometers: ±2 to ±200 g
Measurement Range Gyroscopes: ±75 to ±900 °/s

Dynalabs IMUs enable separate analog voltage outputs for all 6 degrees of freedom(DOF). IMUs enable
power supply voltage from 6 to 35 VDC.


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