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Modal Shaker Selection Guide

Dynalabs modal shakers cover a wide range of structures for dynamic characterization. Output force of the modal shakers can reach 440N and 15,000 Hz of excitation can be achieved. The following chart summarizes the application ranges of the modal shakers. The basic selection criteria is the size and weight of the structure. However, for localized testing small shakers such as MS-20 can be used in any structure.


Output force (Sinus)                    : 20 N

Frequency range                          : 0 – 15 kHz

Displacement (Peak to Peak)      : 5 mm


Output force (Sinus)                    : 100 N

Frequency range                           : 0 – 10 kHz

Displacement (Peak to Peak)      : 10 mm


Output force (Sinus)                    : 250 N

Frequency range                           : 0 – 5 kHz

Displacement (Peak to Peak)      : 25 mm


Output force (Sinus)                    : 440 N

Frequency range                           : 0 – 5 kHz

Displacement (Peak to Peak)      : 25 mm

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